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  • An analysis of user satisfaction in relation with sense of belonging in high income housing: Atakoy case 

    BARUTÇULAR, TÜLİN; Dostoğlu, Neslihan (2019)
    Housing choice and satisfaction are among the most important factors for users in housing areas. Istanbul Atakoy is one of the areas where housing satisfaction is at the highest level in many respects. This area, which has ...
  • Applying analytic hierarchy process to the evaluation of double skin facades 

    Bostancıoğlu, Esra; Önder, Naime (2019-01)
    A double skin facade (DSF) mediates the interaction between the outdoor environment and internal space, while also providing architectural flexibility to the building design. Designers and builders should evaluate DSF ...
  • Automatic HTML code generation from mock-up images using machine learning techniques 

    Asiroğlu, Batuhan; Mete, Büşra Rümeysa; Yıldız, Eyyüp; Nalçakan, Yağız; Sezen, Alper; Dağtekin, Mustafa; Ensari, Tolga (2019)
    The design cycle for a web site starts with creating mock-ups for individual web pages either by hand or using graphic design and specialized mock-up creation tools. The mock-up is then converted into structured HTML or ...
  • Awareness of health sciences students about colorectal cancer risk factors 

    Üstündağ, Hülya; Zengin, Neriman; Andsoy, Işıl Işık; Gül, Asiye (2019-05)
    Objective This descriptive study was conducted in order to determine the risk factors, symptoms and awareness of health sciences students with regards to colorectal cancer (CRC). Methods This study included 1,028 health ...
  • Changing trends in europeanization: Turkey’s alignment on transport 

    Ertürk, Ahmet Cemal (2019)
    The current stalemate between the EU and Turkey directly affects much policy implementation, ranging from democracy to the economy. In terms of escaping from this crisis, the current proposed solutions seem to be only ...
  • Convolution Properties for Salagean-Type Analytic Functions Defined by q-Dıfference Operator 

    Çetinkaya, Asena (2019)
    In this paper, we define Salagean-type analytic functions by using concept of q-derivative operator. We investigate convolution properties and coefficient estimates for Salagean-type analytic functions denoted by S-q(m,lambda) ...
  • Channel estimation for OFDM-IM systems 

    Acar, Yusuf; Aldırmaz Çolak, sultan; Başar, Ertuğrul (2019)
    Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing with index modulation (OFDM-IM) has been recently proposed to increase the spectral efficiency and improve the error performance of multicarrier communication systems. However, ...
  • Comparison of lung cancer detection algorithms 

    Günaydın, Özge; Günay, Melike; Şengel, Öznur (International Scientific Meeting on Electrical-Electronics and Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science (EBBT), 2019)
    Lung cancer is a kind of difficult to diagnose and dangerous cancer. It commonly causes death both men and women so fast accurate analysis of nodules is more important for treatment. Various methods have been used for ...
  • Cyclostationary analysis of respiratory signals with application of rate determination 

    Saatçi, Esra; Saatçi, Ertuğrul; Akan, Aydın (2019)
    Respiratory signals are periodic-like signals where the noisy periodic pattern repeats itself. Therefore, based on a stationarity assumption, autocorrelation function contains noisy cycles in time-lag with the same rate ...
  • Deep learning based classification of malaria from slide images 

    Kalkan, Soner Can; Sahingoz, Ozgur Koray (2019)
    As one of the most life-threatening disease in the tropical and warmer-climate countries, Malaria affects not only animals but also humans who can be infected by only a single bite from a mosquito. Although this disease ...

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