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dc.contributorFen Edebiyat Fakültesi / Faculty of Letters and Sciences Fizik / Physicstr_TR
dc.contributor.authorAkyüz, Tanıl
dc.contributor.authorAkyüz, Sevim
dc.contributor.authorDavies, J. Eric D.
dc.description.abstractThree dimensional host lattices have been developed by forming bridges with bidentate pyrazine molecules between adjacent tetracyanonickelate polymeric layers of Ni(II) or Cd(II). The Fourier-transform IR and Raman spectra (4000-200 cm−1) of the compounds with the general formula M(pyz)Ni(CN)4, (where M = Ni or Cd) are reported. These host lattices can include benzene molecules but it is found that aniline molecules cannot be included in these structures. They, however, form complexes with the formula M(an)2Ni(CN)4, by replacing pyrazine ligands. A monodentate pyrazine complex of Cd(II) with the formula Cd(pyz)2Ni(CN)4 has also been prepared.tr_TR
dc.publisherKluwer Academic Publisherstr_TR
dc.relationJournal of inclusion phenomena and molecular recognition in chemistrytr_TR
dc.subjectTetracyanonickelate compoundstr_TR
dc.subjectbenzene clathratetr_TR
dc.subjectpyrazine complexestr_TR
dc.subjectIR and Raman spectratr_TR
dc.titleVibrational spectroscopic studies of three dimensional host lattices formed by pyrazine bridges between tetracyanonickelate layerstr_TR

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