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dc.contributor.authorYıldız, Öykü Ezgi
dc.description.abstractIn the wake of the emergence of the internet, globalization and infinite access to the information, the twentieth century has been a period in which people are globally interactive. The modern perception of advertisement which was imposed until the nineteenth century has changed owing to the developments in technology and improvements in mass communication media. Advertisement, promotion and marketing practices performed by various institutions throughout mass communication media have been a milestone in this century. Advertisements which are over regional and local boundaries have much more power on modern societies. In the twentieth century, these developments both in advertisement and promotion activities constantly advanced. With the prevalence of new communication media in the human life, communication throughout mass media have now a new dimension that has transformed the content and the form of communication. Today, with the internet technology, a much more interactive and multi dimensional form of dialogue has replaced conventional forms of communication conducted by advertisements. Therefore, consumers are not anymore merely the ones who watch the advertisements. While individuals used to be passive watchers, now they are more active subjects interacting with the advertisement and sometimes participating in the production of it. Now the consumers can interact with advertisements, they can have fun, they can get information about products and services and they can express themselves. In this study, developments in interactive advertisements around the world will be a starting point and the differences between interactive advertisement and conventional advertisement will be addressed. The interactive TV advertisement called "12 Giant Men-Dream", which was produced by Garanti Bank in 2011 with the aim of supporting the Turkish National Basketball Team, will be analyzed so as to understand the increasing role of consumers in interactive advertisements and consumer perception of brand personality. In addition, the results of the survey will be evaluated.tr_TR
dc.publisherMedimond S R L, Via Maserati 5, 40128 Bologna, 00000, italytr_TR
dc.relationInternational Congress on Visual Culture - New Approaches in Communication, Arts and Design Digitalization (VISUALIST)tr_TR
dc.subjectinteractive advertisementtr_TR
dc.subjectbrand personalitytr_TR
dc.subjectnew means of communicationtr_TR
dc.subjectinteraktif reklamtr_TR
dc.subjectmarka kişiliğitr_TR
dc.subjectyeni iletişim araçlarıtr_TR
dc.titleThe Role Of Interactive Advertisement On Consumer Perception Of Brand Personality: A Case Study On "12 Giant Men-Dream" Advertisementtr_TR

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