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    • Evaluation of augmented reality technology for the design of an evacuation training game 

      Çatal, Çağatay; Akbulut, Akhan ; tunalı, berkay; Uluğ, Erol; Öztürk, Eren (SPRINGER LONDON LTD, 236 GRAYS INN RD, 6TH FLOOR, LONDON WC1X 8HL, ENGLAND, 2019-11)
      Building evacuation training systems and training employees in an organization have a vital role in emergency cases in which people need to know what to do exactly. In every building, procedures, rules, and actions are ...
    • Evoked coherence in Alzheimer disease 

      Güntekin, Bahar; Saatçı, Ertuğrul; Yener, Görsev G.; Başar, Erol (Elsevier Science Bv, Po Box 211, 1000 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2008-09)
    • Experiments with New Stochastic Global Optimization Search Techniques 

      In this paper several probabilistic search techniques are developed for global optimization under three heuristic classifications: simulated annealing, clustering methods and adaptive partitioning algorithms. The algorithms ...
    • Exploring feature sets for Turkish word sense disambiguation 

      İlgen, Bahar; Adalı, Eşref; Tantuğ, Ahmet Cüneyd (TUBİTAK Scientific & Technical Research Council Turkey, Ataturk Bulvarı No 221, Kavaklıdere, Ankara, 00000, Turkey, 2016)
      This paper presents an exploration and evaluation of a diverse set of features that influence word-sense disambiguation (WSD) performance. WSD has the potential to improve many natural language processing (NLP) tasks as ...
    • Fetal health status prediction based on maternal clinical history using machine learning techniques 

      Akbulut, Akhan; Ertuğrul, Egemen (Elsevier Ireland Ltd, Elsevier House, Brookvale Plaza, East Park Shannon, Co, Clare, 00000, Ireland, 2018)
      Background and Objective: Congenital anomalies are seen at 1-3% of the population, probabilities of which are tried to be found out primarily through double, triple and quad tests during pregnancy. Also, ultra-sonographical ...
    • Food Intake Monitoring System for Mobile Devices 

      Mendi, Şekip Engin; Özyavuz, Öcal; Pekesen, Emrah; Bayrak, Coşkun (IEEE, 345 E 47Th St, New York, Ny 10017 Usa, 2013)
      In this paper, we introduce a real-time food intake monitoring system for mobile devices. The proposed system gets acceleration data from the sensor placed on the wrist of the user during a meal. The data is then sent to ...
    • FRACTOP: A Geometric Partitioning Metaheuristic for Global Optimization 

      Demirhan, M; Özdamar, Linet; Helvacıoğlu, L; Birbil, SI (KLUWER ACADEMIC PUBL, SPUIBOULEVARD 50, PO BOX 17, 3300 AA DORDRECHT, NETHERLANDS, 1999-06)
      We propose a new metaheuristic, FRACTOP, for global optimization. FRACTOP is based on the geometric partitioning of the feasible region so that search metaheuristics such as Simulated Annealing (SA), or Genetic Algorithms ...
    • Fuzzy clustering neural networks for real-time odor recognition system 

      Karlık, Bekir; Yüksek, Kemal (Hindawi Publishing Corp, 315 Madison Ave 3Rd Flr, Ste 3070, New York, Ny 10017 USA, 2007)
      The aim of this study is to develop a novel fuzzy clustering neural network (FCNN) algorithm as pattern classifiers for real-time odor recognition system. In this type of FCNN, the input neurons activations are derived ...
    • Hybrid Heuristics for the Multi-stage Capacitated Lot Sizing and Loading Problem 

      The multi-stage capacitated lot sizing and loading problem (MCLSLP) deals with the issue of determining the lot sizes of product items in serially-arranged manufacturing stages and loading them on parallel facilities in ...
    • Image Reconstruction from Sparse Samples Using Directional Total Variation Minimization 

      Demircan Türeyen, Ezgi; Kamasak, Mustafa E.; Bayram, İlker (IEEE, 345 E 47Th St, New York, Ny 10017 USA, 2016)
      This paper considers reconstruction of missing pixels and formulates the problem under directional total variation (DTV) regularization. In order to devise an algorithm, forward-backward splitting method is used as a convex ...
    • Improvement of demand forecasting models with special days 

      Çatal, Çağatay; Fenerci, Ayşe; Özdemir, Burçak; Gülmez, Onur (Elsevier Science Bv, Sara Burgerhartstraat 25, Po Box 211, 1000 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2015)
      Forecasting ATM cash demands is a challenging research task. When the forecasting results are too high compared to the real demand, this will cause excessive cash at bank's ATMs and the cost of lost interest. On the other ...
    • Interactive Data Mining for Molecular Graphs 

      Yılmaz, Burcu; Göktürk, Mehmet (Hindawi Publishing Corp, 410 Park Avenue, 15Th Floor, #287 Pmb, New York, Ny 10022 Usa, 2009)
      Designing new medical drugs for a specific disease requires extensive analysis of many molecules that have an activity for the disease. The main goal of these extensive analyses is to discover substructures (fragments) ...
    • Linking Image Zones To Database By Using Inverse Voronoi Diagrams: A Novel Liz-Ivd Method 

      Yüksek, Kemal; Cezayirli, Ahmet (Ieee, 345 E 47Th St, New York, Ny 10017 Usa, 2009)
      This study proposes a novel Graphical Method (LIZIVD) as an effective solution to link areas on a raster map to a database containing zone characteristics data. The method involves Inverse Voronoi approach which constructs ...
    • Long-range evoked gamma coherence in acute mania before and after treatment: a sign for disturbed neural network connectivity 

      Özerdem, Ayşegül; Güntekin, Bahar; Ertuğrul Saatçı; Başar, Erol (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Inc, Commerce Place, 350 Main St, Malden 02148, Ma USA, 2009-06)
    • Mobile Visual Acuity Assessment Application: AcuMob 

      Akbulut, Akhan; Aydın, Muhammed Ali; Abdül Halim Zaim (2017)
      This paper presents a mobile healthcare (mHealth) system for estimation of visual impairment that provides easiness by specifying the degree of an eye as orthoscopes. Our proposed system called AcuMob which is an ...
    • Model Satellite Design for CanSat Competition 

      Bulut, Sultan Nur; Gül, Mahircan; Beker, Can; İpek, İbrahim İlge; Koculu, Ömer Eren; Topaloğlu, Çınar; Dinçer, Nurullah; Kirli, Ahmet; Ertuğrul, Hasan Fatih; Tüfekçi, Celal Sami (IEEE, 345 E 47Th St, New York, Ny 10017 Usa, 2013)
      Objective of this work is to design and manufacture a model satellite named Vecihi that is able to perform some of the basic tasks that artificial satellites perform. The satellite is developed under the rules of CanSat ...
    • More Benefits of Adding Sparse Random Links to Wireless Networks: Yet Another Case for Hybrid Networks 

      Erçal, Güneş (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 410 Park Avenue, 15Th Floor, #287 Pmb, New York, Ny 10022 Usa, 2012)
      We theoretically and experimentally analyze the process of adding sparse random links to random wireless networks modeled as a random geometric graph. While this process has been previously proposed, we are the first to ...
    • Multi-Modal sensor system integrating COTS technology for surveillance and tracking 

      Demirer, Rüştü Murat; Kozma, Robert; Wang, Lan; Iftekharuddin, Khan; McCracken, Ernest; Khan, Mohammed; Islam, Khandekar (IEEE, 345 E 47th St, New York, Ny 10017 USA, 2010)
      The feasibility of low-cost, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) sensor nodes is studied in a distributed network, aiming at dynamic surveillance and tracking of ground targets. Data acquisition by the low-cost (< $50 US) ...
    • Multiple model based adaptive control of a DC motor under load changes 

      Cezayirli, A.; Cılız, K. (IEEE, 345 E 47TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10017 USA, 2004)
      This short paper aims to survey available multiple model adaptive control (MMAC) techniques and to propose a different methodology for the multiple model based approach for the control of a DC motor under load changes. Two ...
    • Nakit Paradan Akıllı ve Güvenli Mobil Cihaza 

      Şengel, Öznur (Herkese Bilim Teknoloji, 2017-03-31)