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    • VinJect: Toolkit for Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning 

      Akbulut, Akhan (2018)
      Penetration testing plays an important role in the development of secure software products and electronic systems. Sustainability of commercial systems is ensured through the regular scans of vulnerability. In this era ...
    • Virtual reality based rehabilitation system for Parkinson and multiple sclerosis patients 

      Kihe, Maria Merve; Muratlı, Ömer Can; Çatal, Çağatay (IEEE, 345 E 47Th St, New York, Ny 10017 USA, 2017)
      The aim of this study is to present a virtual reality based rehabilitation system for Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients. In this study, physical rehabilitation software has been developed using Virtual Reality ...
    • Wavelength Division Multiplexing and Energy Efficiency 

      Aydın, Muhammed Ali (2016-10)
      Energy is hot topic in the improvements of the technology because energy efficiency topic is very important for future generations with the growing population in the world. Recently, hardware and functional structures ...