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    • A Conformational Analysis and Vibrational Spectroscopic Investigation on 1,2-bis(o-carboxyphenoxy) Ethane Molecule 

      Balcı, Kubilay; Yapar, Gönül; Akkaya, Yasemin; Akyüz, Sevim; Koch, A.; Kleinpeter, E. (Elsevier Science Bv, Po Box 211, 1000 Ae Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2012-01)
      The minima on the potential energy surface of 1,2-bis(o-carboxyphenoxy)ethane (CPE) molecule in its electronic ground state were searched by a molecular dynamics simulation performed with MM2 force field. For each of the ...
    • Nitric Oxide Signalling In Plants 

      Palavan Ünsal, Narçin; Arısan, Damla (Springer, 233 Spring St, New York, Ny 10013 Usa, 2009-06)
      Nitric oxide (NO) is an important molecule that acts in many tissues to regulate a diverse range of physiological processes. It is becoming apparent that NO is a ubiquitous signal in plants. Since the discovery of NO ...