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    • Certain subclasses of starlike and convex functions of complex order 

      Ravichandran, V.; Polatoğlu, Yaşar; Bolcal, Metin; Yemişci, Halime Arzu (2005)
      In the present investigation, we consider certain subclasses of starlike and convex functions of complex order, giving necessary and sufficient conditions for functions to belong to these classes.
    • On Janowski starlike functions 

      Çağlar, Mert; Polatoğlu, Yaşar; Şen, A.; Yavuz, Emel; Owa, Shigeyoshi (Springer International Publishing Ag, Gewerbestrasse 11, Cham, Ch-6330, Switzerland, 2007)
      For analytic functions f(z) in the open unit disc U with f(0) = 0 and f'(0) = 1, applying the fractional calculus for f(z), a new fractional operator D-lambda f(z) is introduced. Further, a new subclass F-lambda(*)(A, B) ...
    • On some first-order differential subordination 

      Yavuz, Emel; Nunokawa, M.; Sokół, J.; Cho, N.E.; Owa, S. (2014-07)
      Let denote the class of functions f that are analytic in the unit disc and normalized by f(0) = f′(0) − 1 = 0. In this paper, we investigate the class of functions such that in . We determine conditions for α and β under ...
    • Some distortion theorems for starlike log-harmonic functions 

      Yavuz Duman, Emel (International Short Joint Research Workshop, Applications of Convolutions in Geometric Function Theory, 2011, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University (RIMS), Kyoto, Japan, RIMS Kokyuroku, 2011-12)
    • Two point distortion theorems and Koebe domain under the Montel normalization for the subclass of starlike functions 

      Yavuz Duman, Emel; Polatoğlu, Yaşar; Özkan, H. Esra (International Symposium on Geometric Function Theory and Applications, GFTA 2011, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2011)