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    • Archaeometric investigations of terra-cotta sarcophages from the excavations at einos (Enez) Turkey: An EDXRF Study 

      Akyüz, Sevim; Akyüz, Zeki Tanıl; Kurap, Gülnur; Başaran, Sait; Uçar Çakan, Banu; Özsait Kocabaş, Işıl (Asian Journal Of Chemistry, 11/100 Rajendra Nagar, Sector 3,, Sahibabad 201 005, Ghaziabad, India, 2011-07)
      In this study 11 clazomenian type sargophagi, found in ancient Ainos, one of the important archaeological site of Turkey, were investigated by EDXRF spectroscopy. The elemental composition of the painted parts and body ...
    • FT-IR Spectroscopic Study Of Terra-Cotta Sarcophagi Recently Excavated In Ainos (Enez) Turkey 

      Kurap, Gülnur; Akyüz, Sevim; Akyüz, Tanıl; Başaran, Sait; Çakan, Banu (Elsevier Science Bv, Po Box 211, 1000 Ae Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2010-07-15)
      In this study, painting materials and body samples of the decorated terra-cotta sarcophagi, and the body samples of six terra-cotta sarcophagi, recently excavated in Ancient Ainos (Enez) Turkey, were investigated, using ...