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    • Ethics in New Media: The Case Of 

      Yengin, Deniz; Küçükerdoğan, Bülent (Medimond S R L, Via Maserati 5, 40128 Bologna, 00000, Italy, 2012-03-07)
      Today's environment, where knowledge is considered to be the most essential capital, is regarded as information society. Having become a significant value for the economies which go through the period of structuring, ...
    • Türkiye’de Karikatürün Dijital Dönüşümü: Uykusuz Dergisi 

      Uçan, Bahadır (The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication, 2013-07)
      Years of 2000’s can be defined as “digital age.” In this digital age, it is seen that digitalization creates new concepts and approaches and it even affects our daily lifes. Changes have seen on different areas of art ...
    • Vernacular Creativity and a New Media: Istockphoto 

      Yengin, Deniz; Ekim, Berna (The Turkish Online Journal of Design, Art and Communication, 2011-07)
      Globalization or McLuhan’s “Global Village” concept is increasingly getting a clearest shape. Along with globalization, communication mediums are also developing. They have the qualities of being digital, interactive, and ...