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    • B-Spline Method For Solving Bratu's Problem 

      Çağlar, Hikmet; Çağlar, Nazan; Özer, Mehmet; Valaristos, Antonios; Anagnostopoulos, Antonios N. (Taylor & Francis Ltd, 4 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon Ox14 4Rn, Oxon, England, 2010)
      In this paper, we propose a B-spline method for solving the one-dimensional Bratu's problem. The numerical approximations to the exact solution are computed and then compared with other existing methods. The effectiveness ...
    • B-Spline Solution Of The Black-Scholes Partial Differential Equation 

      Çağlar, Nazan; İşeri, Müge; Çağlar, Hikmet; Özer, Mehmet (Eudoxus Press, Llc, 1424 Beaver Trail Drive, Cordova, Tn 38016 Usa, 2010-07)
      The numerical solutions of several mathematical models In the financial economics arc arising. Most of the models are based on the Black-Scholes partial differential equations. In this paper, the Black-Scholes option pricing ...
    • Fifth-degree B-spline solution for a fourth-order parabolic partial differential equations 

      Çağlar, Hikmet; Çağlar, Nazan (ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC, 360 PARK AVE SOUTH, NEW YORK, NY 10010-1710 USA, 2008-07-15)
      In this paper, we find the numerical solution of a fourth-order parabolic partial differential equation. A family of B-spline methods has been considered for the numerical solution of the problems. The results show that ...