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    • A novel dorsal trimline approach for passive-dynamic ankle-foot orthoses 

      Sürmen, Hasan Kemal; Akalan, Nazif Ekin; Fetvacı, Mahmut Cüneyt; Arslan, Yunus Ziya (Assoc Mechanical Engineers Technicians Slovenia, Po Box 197-Iv, Ljubljana 61001, Slovenia, 2018)
      An ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) is an externally applied assistive device that encompasses the lower leg, ankle, and foot of the human body. In the current one-piece passive-dynamic AFO design, the trimming process is performed ...
    • Comparison of the Data Classification Approaches to Diagnose Spinal Cord Injury 

      Demirer, Rüştü Murat; Arslan, Yunus Ziya; Palamar, Deniz; Uğur, Mukden; Karamehmetoğlu, Şafak Sahir (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 410 Park Avenue, 15Th Floor, #287 Pmb, New York, Ny 10022 USA, 2012)
      In our previous study, we have demonstrated that analyzing the skin impedancesmeasured along the key points of the dermatomes might be a useful supplementary technique to enhance the diagnosis of spinal cord injury (SCI), ...
    • Gait analysis of patients subjected to the atrophic mandible augmentation with Iliac bone graft 

      Temelli, Yener; Arslan, Yunus Ziya; Cansız, Erol; Karabulut, Derya; Doğru, Suzan Cansel; Akalan, Nazif Ekin (HINDAWI LTD, ADAM HOUSE, 3RD FLR, 1 FITZROY SQ, LONDON, W1T 5HF, ENGLAND, 2019)
      In this study, we aimed to quantitatively monitor and describe the gait functions of patients, who underwent iliac crest bone grafting in atrophic jaw augmentation operation, by taking into account the alterations of gait ...