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    • A New Mathematical Programming AApproach to Wind Farm Layout Problem Under Multiple Wake Effects 

      Ülkü, İlayda; Alabaş Uslu, Çiğdem (2019)
      Wind farm layout optimization is one of the challenging problems in thefield of renewable energy. In thepresent study, a new nonlinear mathematical model for layout of wind turbines under multiple wakeeffects is proposed ...
    • An Analytical Approach to Automotive Industry 

      Ülkü, İlayda; Bulkan, Serol; Yüksektepe, Fadime (2015)
      Inventory control helps to manage or locate materials and any information through the processes in the company. The aim of the inventory management in the companies is to optimize inventory control. Especially, for the ...
    • Wind Farm Layout Optimization to Maximize Total Power Production 

      Ülkü, İlayda; Alabaş Uslu, Çiğdem (E3S Web of Conferences, 2018)
      With the rapid increase in energy demand, renewable energy has been considered as an alternative energy resource around the world. A new nonlinear mathematical model is developed in the presented study and a comparison ...