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  • Adaptive dual-mode OFDM with index modulation 

    Aldırmaz Çolak, Sultan; Acar, Yusuf; Başar, Ertuğrul (Elsevier Science Bv, Po Box 211, 1000 Ae Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2018-10)
    With the integration of the index modulation concept, the popular OFDM has gained an appealing new dimension. However, OFDM with index modulation (OFDM-IM) causes a decrease in data rate for higher order modulations due ...
  • Analysis of inductor-converter bridge by means of state-space averaging technique (superconducting magnet energy storage) 

    Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç; Ehsani, M. (1988)
    The time-averaged behavior of an inductor-converter bridge (ICB) circuit has been analyzed using a state-space averaging technique. The application of the state-space averaging technique to the ICB circuit analysis is ...
  • Simulation of a C-Dump Switched Reluctance Motor Drive 

    Özbulur, Veysel; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç (1995)
  • Torque Ripple Reduction of a Switched Reluctance Motor 

    Özbulur, Veysel; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç; Sabanovic, A. (1995)
  • Torque Ripple Minimization of a Switched Reluctance Motor 

    Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç; Özbulur, Veysel; Sabanovic, A. (1995)
    This paper presents a simple technique to minimize torque ripple of a switched reluctance motor. The technique is based on the control of the sum of the square of the phase currents by using only two current sensors and ...
  • Capacitively Coupled Converter (C3) for HighPower DC-DC Conversion 

    Ehsani, Mehrdad; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç; Khan, S. (1991-07)
    The capacitive coupled converter for high-power voltage source DC-DC applications is described. Its steady-state and dynamic behavior are analyzed theoretically and by computer simulation. Factors affecting its operation ...
  • Inverse Dual Converter (IDC) for High Power DC-DC Applications 

    Ehsani, Mehrdad; Husain, Iqbal; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç (IEEE, 1990)
    The inverse dual converter (IDC), suitable for high-power DC-DC conversion applications, is presented. The IDC is a voltage source converter with an AC link and has been derived from an inductor converter bridge. This ...
  • Topological Variations of the Inverse Dual Converter for High Power DC-DC Applications 

    Ehsani, M.; Laskai, L.; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç (IEEE, 1990-10-07)
    DC to DC power converter topologies that are suitable for high-density, high-power supplies are presented. Topological variations on the basic inverse dual converter (IDC) circuit, such as the coupled transformer and the ...
  • 3-Phase Induction Motor Drive with PWM Modulator Using a 8-Bit Low Cost Micrcontroller 

    Küçükgüzel, E.; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç (2004)
    This paper describes a study on a well studied subject, driving 3-phase induction motor. But the hardware used for the study is different than the conventional 16-bit microcontrollers or DSPs. The aim of the project is to ...
  • Four-quadrant switch-mode gyrator 

    Dinçbakır, Cenk; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç (IEEE, 2008-05-23)
    A gyrator design based on an inductor coupled double bridge converter is presented. It is shown that this gyrator can operate in four-quadrant mode by using bi-directional MOS switches without the necessity of any feedback ...
  • Low Cost Maximum Power Point Tracking Method For Solar Battery Charging 

    Koral, Ahmet Can; Gürkan, Güray; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç (IEEE, 2013-09-25)
    In this paper, we propose a low cost charger circuit with a maximum power point tracking method (MPPT) that is a key factor in photovoltaic systems. The solar panel output voltage, which is known to be generated by series ...
  • Fuzzy logic based control of switched reluctance motor to reduce torque ripple 

    Derdiyok, A.; İnanç, N.; Özbulur, Veysel; Pastacı, Halit; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç (IEEE, 1997)
    This paper presents torque ripple reduction of a switched reluctance motor (SRM) by using a fuzzy speed controller. For this purpose, current control is applied with a fuzzy speed controller. The fuzzy controller adjusts ...
  • Improving performance of switched reluctance motor by fuzzy logic controller 

    Derdiyok, A.; Inanc, N.; Özbulur, Veysel; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç (1999-04)
    This paper presents torque ripple minimization of a switched reluctance motor (SRM) by using a fuzzy controller, The nonlinear model of the SRM and the mathematical model of the converter circuit are driven. The motor used ...
  • Power converters as natural gyrators 

    Ehsani, Mehrdad; Husain, Iqbal; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç (IEEE, 1993-12)
    The authors investigate the open-loop gyrator behavior of a class of DC-DC converters that are characterized by double bridges. If the switching frequency of the double bridge converter is high enough with respect to its ...
  • Inverse dual converter (IDC) for high power DC-DC applications 

    Ehsani, M.; Husain, I.; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç (IEEE, April 1993)
    A family of DC-DC converters suitable for high-power applications is introduced. The inverse dual converter (IDC) is capable of continuous voltage step-up or step-down control over a wide range of and without the need of ...
  • Magnetically inflatable SPS with energy storage capability 

    Ehsani, M.; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç; Patton, A. D.; Mitra, J. (IEEE, 1995)
    A new approach to superconductive magnetic energy storage (SMES) for solar power satellite (SPS) with inherent rigidity is introduced in this paper. The rigidity of this SMES originating from the electromagnetic forces ...
  • Capacitor coupled converter (C3) for high power DC conversion 

    Ehsani, Morteza; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç; Khan, S.; Laskai, L.; Jeong, Seung-Gi (IEEE, 1995)
    The bang-bang controlled capacitor coupled converter (C<sup>3</sup>) is described in this paper. Due to the converter's inherent commutating property, the C<sup>3</sup> can accommodate thyristors as well as high-power gate ...
  • Analysis of Single Flying Capacitor Converter by the State-Space Averaging Technique 

    Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç; Ehsani, M. (IEEE, 1988)
    The single flying capacitor converter (SFCC) is a two-quadrant power supply for energy storage and transfer system. It has applications in nuclear research and pulsed power systems in which superconductive coils are used ...
  • New architectures for space power systems 

    Ehsani, M.; Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç; Patton, Alton D.; Mitra, J. (IEEE, 1995-08)
    Electric power generation and conditioning have experienced revolutionary development over the past two decades. Furthermore, new materials such as high energy magnets and high temperature superconductors are either available ...
  • Time-Averaged Behaviors of Single and Dual Flying Capacitor Converters 

    Bilgiç, Mehmet Oruç; Ehsani, M. (Taylor and Francis Online, 1989)
    The Single Flying Capacitor Converter (SFCC) and Dual Flying Capacitor Converter (DFCC) are two-quadrant power supplies for energy storage and transfer systems. They have applications in nuclear research and pulsed power ...

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