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    • A Neuro-Detector Based On The Cybernetic Concepts For Fault Detection In Electric Motors 

      Şeker, Serhat; Önal, Emel; Kaynaş, Tayfun; Akıncı, Tahir Çetin (Journal Vibroengineering, Geliu Ratas 15 A, Kaunas, Lt-50282, Lithuania, 2011-12)
      In this study, an auto-associative neural network (AANN) is designed as a fault detector using the cybernetic concepts. In this sense, an artificial neural network structure is connected with a finite state system or a ...
    • Defect Detection for Ceramic Materials by Continuous Wavelet Analysis 

      Kaynaş, Tayfun; Akıncı, Tahir Çetin; Yılmaz, Özyazgan; Özgiray, M.; Şeker, S. (Kaunas Univ Technology Press, K Donelaicio 73, Kaunas Lt 3006, Lithuania, 2011)
      In this study, it is achieved to detect internal or surface cracks that can occur in the production of ceramic plates by using the method of impulse noise. Ceramic materials are often used in the industry especially as ...
    • Revaluation of Turkey's energy policy connected with energy sources 

      Şeker, Şahin Serhat; Kaynaş, Tayfun; Ayhan, Damla (Int Scientific Conference SGEM, 14, Kilment Ohridsky BLVD, Sofia, 1797, Bulgaria, 2010)
      Energy demand and consumption is one of the key factors of a country's level of development. They are not only related with economic development but also the dimension of security and environment should be taken into ...