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dc.contributor.authorKıymaz, Güven
dc.contributor.authorCoşkun, Erdal
dc.contributor.authorCoşgun, Cumhur
dc.contributor.authorSeçkin, Edip
dc.description.abstractThe present paper presents a Study on the behavior and design of corrugated web steel beams with and without web openings. In the literature, the web opening problem in steel beams was dealt with mostly for steel beams) with plane web plates and research on the effect of an opening on a corrugated web was found Out to be very limited. The present study deals mainly with the effect of web openings on the transverse load carrying capacity of steel beams with sinusoidally corrugated webs. A general purpose finite element program (ABAQUS) was used. Simply Supported corrugated web beams of 2 in length and with circular web openings at quarter span points were considered. These points are generally considered to be the optimum locations of web openings for steel beams. Various cases were analyzed including the size of the openings and the corrugation density which is a function of the magnitude and length of the sine wave. Models Without web holes were also analyzed and compared with other cases which were all together examined in terms of load-deformation characteristics and ultimate web shear resistance.tr_TR
dc.publisherTechno-Press, Po Box 33, Yuseong, Daejeon 305-600, South Koreatr_TR
dc.relationSteel And Composite Structurestr_TR
dc.subjectsinusoidally corrugated webtr_TR
dc.subjectweb openingtr_TR
dc.subjectweb shear resistancetr_TR
dc.subjectfinite element analysistr_TR
dc.subjectbridge girderstr_TR
dc.subjectinplane loadstr_TR
dc.subjectweb açılıştr_TR
dc.subjectWeb kayma direncitr_TR
dc.subjectsonlu elemanlar analizitr_TR
dc.subjectköprü kirişleritr_TR
dc.subjectdüzlem içi yüklertr_TR
dc.titleTransverse Load Carrying Capacity Of Sinusoidally Corrugated Steel Web Beams With Web Openingstr_TR

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