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    • Adsorption and interaction of 5-fluorouracil with montmorillonite and saponite by FT-IR spectroscopy 

      Akalın, Elif; Akyüz, Tanıl; Akyüz, Sevim (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, PO BOX 211, 1000 AE AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, 2007-05-27)
      Adsorption of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) on montmorillonite and saponite has been investigated using FT-IR spectrometry. The intercalation of 5-FU within montmorillonite or saponite has been shown by X-ray diffraction to increase ...
    • FTIR Investigation Of The O-H Center Dot Center Dot Center Dot Xe Interaction In Simple Carboxylic Acids In Solid Xenon 

      Öğrüç Ildız, Gülce; Nunes, Claudio M.; Kuş, Nihal; Fausto, Rui (Amer Inst Physics, Circulation & Fulfillment Div, 2 Huntington Quadrangle, Ste 1 N O 1, Melville, Ny 11747-4501 USA, 2012-08-14)
      The O-H stretching region of the infrared spectra of a series of carboxylic acids in Xe matrices was investigated as a function of temperature. Upon increasing the temperature, the vO-H band site-components undergo reversible ...
    • Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectra and Photochemistry of Hydantoin 

      Öğrüç Ildız, Gülce; Nunes, Claudio M.; Fausto, Rui (Amer Inst Physics, 2 Huntington Quadrangle, Ste 1No1, Melville, Ny 11747-4501 USA, 2013-01-31)
      Hydantoin (C3H4N2O2, 2,4-imidazolidinedione) was isolated in argon matrix at 10 K and its infrared spectrum and unimolecular photochemistry were investigated. The molecular structure of the compound was studied both at the ...