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    • Intermediate-Term Variations İn Solar Radius During Solar Cycle 23 

      Gölbaşı, Orhan; Kılıç, H.; Chollet, F. (Wiley-V C H Verlag Gmbh, Po Box 10 11 61, D-69451 Weinheim, Germany, 2009-05)
      In this study, we look for the mid-term variations in the daily average data of solar radius measurements made at the Solar Astrolabe Station of TUBITAK National Observatory (TUG) during solar cycle 23 for a time interval ...
    • On Short-Term Periodicity Of The Solar Radius Measurements 

      Gölbaşı, Orhan; Kılıç, Hüseyin (Springer, Van Godewijckstraat 30, 3311 Gz Dordrecht, Netherlands, 2011-06)
      The aim of the present study is to investigate the short-term periodicity in the solar radius measurements and to compare with the short periods in sunspot numbers, sunspot areas and flare index data. The spectral analysis ...