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    • Adsorptive removal kinetics of anionic dye onto chitosan films doped with graphene oxide: An in situ fluorescence monitoring 

      Kahya, Nilay; Bener, Semira; Kaygusuz, Hakan; Akın Evingür, Gülşen; Erim, F. Bedia (Taylor & Francis Inc, 530 Walnut Street, Ste 850, Philadelphia, Pa 19106 USA, 2018)
      The aqueous adsorption of a fluorescent dye (pyranine) onto crosslinked chitosan-graphene oxide composite films was studied. In situ fluorescence monitoring technique is introduced as easy and fast experimental technique ...
    • Position Of Light And Water In Architecture And Philosophy Of Art 

      Yurtyapan Salimi, Aysegul; Salimi, Amineddin; Kara Pilehvarian, Nuran (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2016-04)
      Light and water re key elements and indicators are in human life. Water as a lifeblood is important in views, philosophies and cultures in the world and its role is considered beyond its functional role as a symbol of ...
    • Studying The Myth Of Water In Ancient Iran And Its Relationship With Rain-Making Rituals 

      Goharpour, Hasan; Jalalkamali, Vahide (The Turkish Online Journal of Design Art and Communication, 2016-08)
      Iran have always been conflicting with drought. As Dariush asks Ahura Mazda in his inscription in Takhte Jamshid to protect Iran from drought and lies. Creating myths is the first reaction of man’s mind at the face natural ...