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    • Neutron Activation Analysis Of Surface Sediments From Dardanelles 

      Akyüz, Zeki Tanıl; Akyüz, Sevim; Ilgar, Rüştü; Mukhamedshina, N.; Mirsagatova, A. A.; Sarı, Erol (Asian Journal Of Chemistry, 11/100 Rajendra Nagar, Sector 3,, Sahibabad 201 005, Ghaziabad, India, 2012-10)
      Some surface sediments, collected from 7 sampling sides of the Dardanelles and 13 sampling sited of creeks in the area of surrounding of the Dardanelles were analyzed quantitatively by neutron activation analysis (NAA) and ...
    • River Sediment Transport And Coastal Erosion in The Southeastern Black Sea Rivers 

      Berkun, Mehmet; Aras, Egemen (Veda, Slovak Acad Sciences, Dubravska Cesta 9, 842 34 Brastislava, Slovakia, 2012)
      In the Southeastern Black Sea Region, rivers are dammed for hydroelectric power and irrigation. The natural course of fluvial alluvium transport is almost completely altered because of planned and constructed dams and ...
    • Toxic and trace element analysis of surface sediments from the Gulf of Saros by INAA and XRF methods 

      Akyüz, Tanıl; Akyüz, Sevim; Mukhamedshina, N.; Sarı, Erol; Mirsagatova, A. A. (SPRINGER, VAN GODEWIJCKSTRAAT 30, 3311 GZ DORDRECHT, NETHERLANDS, 2007-09)
      Some surface sediment samples, collected from 53 sampling sites of the Saros Gulf, were analyzed quantitatively by radioisotope energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) and instrumental neutron activation analysis ...