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    • A Combined Fuzzy AHP-goal Programming Approach to Assembly-Line Selection 

      Ayağ, Zeki; Özdemir, Rifat Gürcan (IOS PRESS, NIEUWE HEMWEG 6B, 1013 BG AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, 2007)
      In mass production, assembly-line balancing (ALB) problem has been a critical and repetitive issue for companies for long time. On the other hand, equipment selection for stations has also been another important problem ...
    • An Integrated Approach To Evaluating Assembly-Line Design Alternatives With Equipment Selection 

      Özdemir, Rifat Gürcan; Ayağ, Zeki (Taylor & Francis Ltd, 4 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon Ox14 4Rn, Oxon, England, 2011)
      The design and implementation of assembly-line systems have been critical issues for companies since the first assembly-line was started at the Ford Highland Plant in 1913. From that time onwards, most companies have met ...