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    • A Discussion for Alternative Affordable Housing Types: Comparative Analysis of Urban Informalities 

      Küçükyazıcı, Ufuk; Alkışer Bregger, Yasemin (2019-09)
      Finding a shelter to dwell in at a reasonable price is a problematic issue for urban areas all over the world due to high values of urban land, lack of regulations about housing, and inequalities of income in society. The ...
    • Affordable Housing In Turkey: User Satisfaction In Toki Houses 

      Dostoğlu, Neslihan; Gür, Miray (Open House Int, Urban International Press, Po Box 74, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, Great Britain, Ne9 5Uz, England, 2011-09)
      Affordable housing policies in Turkey have reached a new stage over the last decade in the context of the TOKI model advocated by the government. Housing developed by TOKI (the Public Housing Administration), the top ...