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    • A novel dorsal trimline approach for passive-dynamic ankle-foot orthoses 

      Sürmen, Hasan Kemal; Akalan, Nazif Ekin; Fetvacı, Mahmut Cüneyt; Arslan, Yunus Ziya (Assoc Mechanical Engineers Technicians Slovenia, Po Box 197-Iv, Ljubljana 61001, Slovenia, 2018)
      An ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) is an externally applied assistive device that encompasses the lower leg, ankle, and foot of the human body. In the current one-piece passive-dynamic AFO design, the trimming process is performed ...
    • Comparison of the Data Classification Approaches to Diagnose Spinal Cord Injury 

      Demirer, Rüştü Murat; Arslan, Yunus Ziya; Palamar, Deniz; Uğur, Mukden; Karamehmetoğlu, Şafak Sahir (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 410 Park Avenue, 15Th Floor, #287 Pmb, New York, Ny 10022 USA, 2012)
      In our previous study, we have demonstrated that analyzing the skin impedancesmeasured along the key points of the dermatomes might be a useful supplementary technique to enhance the diagnosis of spinal cord injury (SCI), ...