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    • Non-Polynomial Spline Method for a Time-Dependent Heat-Like Lane- Emden Equation 

      Uçar, Mehmet Fatih; Çağlar, Süleyman Hikmet (Polish Acad Sciences inst Physics, Al Lotnikow 32-46, Pl-02-668 Warsaw, Poland, 2012-01)
      In this study, a time-dependent heat-like Lane-Emden equation is solved by using a non-polynomial spline method. An example is solved to assess the accuracy of the method. The numerical results are obtained for different ...
    • Non-polynomial Spline Method for the Solution of Non-linear Burgers' Equation 

      Çağlar, Süleyman Hikmet; Uçar, Mehmet Fatih (Springer-Verlag Berlin, Heidelberger Platz 3, D-14197 Berlin, Germany, 2013)
      A non-polynomial cubic spline method is proposed in this paper to solve one-dimensional non-linear Burgers' equation [Burger, A Mathematical Model Illustrating the Theory of Turbulence (1948); Rashidinia and Mohammadi, ...